Konnex Island

Konnex Island

A Spiritual healing Island for the needy

Konnex Spirtual healing island is a Non-profit 503c Island with sole purpose to totally reform the Homeless population in the United States. My mission as the founder of Konnex is help bring people together in an unforgettable way and I am tired of seeing homeless population incresing in the millions in the richest country in the world. So I decided to do something about it. We are in the process of building an island with sole purpose to intake the homeless population and reform them into productive human beings in society. It is a 7 stage process.

Stage 1 - Fly Homeless population in the United States to the island, with partnerships from all major airline companies.
Stage 2- Intake, document the people.
Stage 3- Medical and physical diagnostics.
Stage 4- Clean and shower and newly clothed.
Stage 5- Bob Proctors Teaching and rehabilation and study.
Stage 6- Transition to normal life on island.
Stage 7- Total transformation and departure back to society when ready.

I understand this is a very large project and large responsibility and that is why I call upon the leaders of the world to help contribute and build the island, the people of the world need to help each-other, especially people at the bottom that need the most assistance. Konnex is my company, but the island will be my legacy...

-Auran Shereef
Founder, Konnex

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